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Royal Wood Shavings: Your go-to partner for all horse bedding needs.

Enjoy the best of both worlds.

At Royal Wood Shavings, we offer the proximity of a family-run business with world-class customer service you simply can’t get anywhere else.

Discover why Royal Wood Shavings is a select partner of choice for quality, consistent shavings for horse stalls that you can get all year long. Let us surpass your expectations.

A long-standing history in providing quality horse bedding products

Founded over 25 years ago, Royal Wood Shavings is a family-owned and operated business that has grown to become one of the most important suppliers of horse bedding products in North America.

Over the years, we have expanded throughout Canada and the United States, catering to the needs of discerning clients who are looking for more than just premium quality shavings for horse stalls. At Royal Wood Shavings, our commitment to excellence permeates every aspect of our business to ensure that our clients also benefit from a wide array of advantages: supply chain efficiency, unbeatable value, consistent product availability throughout the year, robust and easy-to-handle packaging, flexible loading options, on-time delivery, friendly service and much more.

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Hundreds of clients, including distributors (Agway and Southern States), feed stores, ranches and farms, and horse shows, rely on us every week for innovative wood shavings and pellets of all types. We are renowned for the close relationships we foster with our clients. We get to know the people behind the businesses we serve.

At Royal Wood Shavings we never settle. All hands are on deck—from our employees to our partners—to continuously improve everything we do. We don’t rest on our laurels bedding until we follow up with customers and they say: “Wow, thanks for the amazing product and service.” And only then do we believe our job is done.

Our ultimate goal?

To constantly improve our wood shavings for horse stalls as well as our operations to bring a new level of customer experience to the market. Our motto? Anything we can do, we can always do better.

Royal Wood Shavings is a proud member of US Equestrian and of the Virginia Forestry Association (VFA). We also make donations to Equestrian Canada.

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With Royal Wood Shavings,
it's all about you.

If you’re looking for a horse bedding partner that goes the extra mile to understand your needs and treats you like a true client (and not a number), Royal Wood Shavings is the only place you need to be.

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