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Royal Wood Shavings provides a wide range of premium, yet affordable, horse wood shavings and horse bedding pellets sourced from certified managed forests.

Our horse wood shavings are all-natural and compostable. They are also consistently high-quality, ultra-clean and triple-screened to minimize respiratory diseases and allergies. What’s more, they are free from toxins and spores. To ensure maximum horse comfort, our wood shavings and bedding pellets offer excellent absorption, a pleasant soft wood scent, unbeatable cushioning and low dust content.

Royal Wood Shavings also offers sawdust, fine wood shavings and medium wood shavings in its patented Triple Action Formula. All-natural, organic and non-allergenic, this formula is sprayed on several of our products to control odours, repel flies and reduce dust to almost nil.

Available in an array of sizes throughout the year, all Royal Wood Shavings horse wood shavings ensure a large spread volume and are exceptionally easy to muck out, transport, store and dispose.

Our wood shavings and bedding pellets can also be used for other animals, including cattle, pigs and chickens.

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