Triple action Medium Wood

Dust proof
Royal Wood Shavings bags

Our Triple Action medium wood shavings have been developed using the Royal Wood Shavings exclusive all-natural and organic wood shavings formula that minimizes dust, repels flies and neutralizes odours.

Beautiful and voluminous, our Triple Action medium shavings offer luxurious and unparalleled quality, consistency and cushioning. Maximum horse comfort guaranteed!

Made of first-transformation soft wood and kiln-dried to kill harmful bacteria, our Triple Action shavings are screened three times to ensure top quality, excellent consistency and minimal dust.

Bags available in

  • 8.4 cubic feet before compression
    (2.8 cubic feet compressed)
  • 9.0 cubic feet before compression
    (3.0 cubic feet compressed)

* We can offer generic, private label and other sizes of bags.

Features & Advantages

  • Absorption

    Good absorption

    Great absorption to keep horses dry and comfortable.

  • Wood shavings fork

    Easy to clean

    Very easy to clean and muck out.

  • Dust free

    Minimal Dust

    Precision-screened three times to ensure minimal dust and the highest quality and consistency possible.

  • 100% wood

    All-natural soft wood,
    100% biodegradable

    Only with real wood, a renewable resource. They are also organic, recyclable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

  • Pure wood shavings

    Only pure
    wood shavings

    Do not contain any harmful chemicals, like glue or varnish, which appear with second-transformation shavings.

  • Great cushioning

    Great cushioning

    Exceptional cushioning and comfort. What's more: they are very tidy-looking and smell great.

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