Send in your credit request application for Royal Wood Shavings’ horse bedding today!

Get on board with Royal Wood Shavings! Please fill out and submit the credit application before receiving your 1st order. We will contact you within 2 business days to set a delivery date. 1st order prepaid, by certified check, wire transfer or credit card. If you haven’t already, make sure you order our samples so that you can see and feel the Royal Wood Shavings difference!

  • IMPORTANT : Please list four (4) credit references including fax numbers from which you have credit EQUAL OR GREATER than the limit you request (i.e.: Feed Store, Veterinary, etc.)

  • We agree to pay all charges according to the terms and conditions as stated by Litière Royal inc., the Creditor. If we fail to do so, then we agree to pay any late charges, reasonable collection costs and attorney fees if collection procedures are instituted. Creditor may terminate any credit availability at its sole discretion. We authorize you to conduct an investigation of our credit worthless, including but not limited to securing commercial credit reports, consumer credit reports, trade references, lender references, lease references. We hereby authorize release of credit information to Litière Royal inc.

  • I do hereby agree to bind myself personally to any and all obligations extended to the above referenced applicant business, herein referred to as « Company ». As collateral, I will extend to Litière Royal inc. my personal guarantee that any and all amount of indebtedness made by the Company that are not paid by the terms extended to the Company, will be paid by me, personally. I also hereby authorize to release any and all information required by Litière Royal inc. to complete the processing of the personal guarantee request. It is understood and agreed that this guarantee shall be continuing and irrevocable for any indebtedness of the Company.