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At Royal Wood Shavings, we do things a little differently than your run-of-the-mill bedding supplier.

In fact, we don’t even like to call ourselves a horse bedding supplier because we don’t just deliver horse wood shavings and bedding pellets.

Each and every day, the Royal Wood Shavings team obsesses about providing you with everything you need in a bedding partner:

  • Five stars


    Selective about the quality and consistency of your horse bedding? Royal Wood Shavings only sources its raw material from certified managed forests and select wood partners. Our all-natural wood shavings and horse bedding pellets are ultra-clean, triple-screened for dust and feature low spore content. What’s more: offering soft cushioning, large spread volume and high absorbency, our wood shavings provide horses with the comfort they deserve.

  • Royal Wood Shavings - Triple Actions Shavings Formula

    Patented Triple Action Formula

    Royal Wood Shavings is the only North American horse bedding supplier to offer its patented Triple Action Formula to repel flies, eliminate odours and reduce dust. It is sprayed on some of our sawdust, fine and medium shavings.

  • Great customer service

    Customer Service

    Doing business with Royal Wood Shavings means you’ll not only gain access to exceptional horse bedding, but also work with our experts who will get to know your business and will rigorously follow up on all of your orders. You can consider Royal Wood Shavings as an extension of your very own team.

  • Economical

    An Affordable and
    Versatile Product Lineup

    Just because you need quality wood shavings and horse bedding pellets does not mean you should compromise on affordability. We provide best-in-value horse bedding products so that you can keep costs in check. And our multiple wood shavings sizes allow you to custom order bedding that meets a wide range of different needs.

  • Great shavings production capacity

    Great production

    Nothing is worse than needing high volumes of horse bedding or a just-in-time delivery—only to find out that a supplier is out of stock. At Royal Wood Shavings, we work closely with our sourcing partners to offer a production capacity that caters to the orders you need to put through.

  • Quick turnaround times

    Quick Turnaround

    We ensure fast, flexible horse bedding deliveries throughout Canada, the United States and elsewhere around the world thanks to our mills and distribution facilities that are strategically located to minimize raw material and shipping costs. In addition, you can count on us to ship the products that you need, when you need them…all year long!

  • On-time deliveries


    At Royal Wood Shavings, we understand that a promise is a promise. That is why if we say we are going to deliver on a specific date and time, we do our very best to make it happen to minimize logistical and human resources hassles on your end. Our goal? To enable you to focus on what really matters, not on worrying about missed timelines or—worse yet—untraceable shipments.

  • Many shavings bags sizes

    Convenient packaging
    and loading options

    You should judge a book by its cover. Royal Wood Shavings horse bedding comes in premium bags and value sizes. Highly compressed and extra durable, our packaging withstands shipping and handling. We offer two options for loading: floor loading, directly placed on a trailer floor and unloaded by your staff, and on pallets, which will require a forklift. In addition, we can offer generic, private label and other sizes of bags.

Experience the Royal Wood Shavings difference.

Discerning clients deserve to be treated like royalty. And it all starts with Royal Wood Shavings.

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