Are your wood shavings and bedding pellets environmentally friendly?

Absolutely! No trees are cut solely for the purpose of manufacturing our bedding. In fact, the raw material used to produce our shavings and our pellets comes from lumber mill by-products. This material would be buried, burned or used in another process if a company such as ours did not recover it.
As for forest management and selective logging, there are several things to take into account. First, wood is a renewable resource. Second, here in Québec, as in Ontario and the United States, forestry companies are subject to very strict regulations governing logging, to ensure planned logging management and proper forest regeneration in logged areas.

In addition, cutting down mature trees has a very positive impact, both on forests and on the environment in general. In fact, when growing, trees naturally filter carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and release oxygen that is produced by photosynthesis. However, when a forest becomes old and too dense, tree growth stops and the trees begin to decompose, emitting carbon dioxide into the air. By harvesting these mature trees to produce wood products, the carbon is sealed inside the wood.
It is wrong to think that logging is one of the factors of deforestation. Think again! Less wood is harvested than wood lost in forest fires or because of diseases and insects.