How much does a pallet of bags weigh and how many bags can be loaded per pallet?

So, how much does a pallet weigh? A pallet of bags can weigh up to 2000 lbs (909 kg). The weight varies slightly depending on the type of product. The number of bags varies from 45 to 54 bags per pallet. For example, a pallet of sawdust is much heavier than an average pallet of medium shavings.

The number of bags per trailer can vary depending on the size of the bags, and whether they are loaded one by one (floor loaded) or on pallets. In a 53′ trailer, we can load an average of 26 pallets of 45 bags, or 1170 bags. We can load 1272 bags of the same size when loaded on the floor. However, most people buy their products on pallets due to the ease of handling, especially since there is a labor shortage. Obviously the cost of transportation varies from one place to another. The farther we go, the more expensive the transportation will be.  We are a manufacturer, that’s why we only sell by full load.

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