How often should the horse’s stall bedding be cleaned and changed?

How often should the horse’s stall bedding be cleaned and changed?

To elevate basic horse hygiene, it is very important to frequently clean your horse stall bedding to keep the stables as clean as possible for your horses. Urine and feces can compromise the health of your horses. Remember that not all horse stall bedding is created equally, and you should invest in high-quality wood shavings.

The standard rule of thumb is that soiled horse stall bedding should be removed each day—and even twice a day if your horses are kept in for a significant period of time. Non-soiled horse stall bedding and wood horse shavings should be completely changed at least once a week. 

The speed at which a horse will soil its stall depends on various factors, including the kind of horse stall bedding used, the animal’s level of cleanliness (yes, yes, some horses are “cleaner” than others!), the number of hours it spends there per day, its pace of life, weight, and the thickness of the horse stall bedding available. 

On the other hand, the more frequently soiled horse stall bedding is collected, the longer the stall will remain clean. This will require less-frequent horse stall bedding replacement. In general, 15 to 20 bags of horse stall wood shavings per month, per stall are needed.

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