How to choose the right bedding for horses?

Choosing the right bedding for horses can be challenging because there are many options out there. You want the best bedding for your horses to improve their living conditions and simplify caretakers’ daily tasks. 

Many horse owners and caretakers are concerned about switching bedding for their horses because they prefer sticking with convention. However, there are many varieties of bedding for horses that can enhance their quality of life. 

At Royal Wood Shavings, we recommend exploring various wood shavings and sawdust products as well as wood pellets. All of these solutions make excellent materials for horse bedding.

Bedding for horses demystified

When it comes to bedding for horses, there are many factors to evaluate, including: absorbency, quality, dust levels, mold, muckability, storage, how long horses are confined to their stalls, waste management, and even local weather conditions. Naturally, cost and availability also come into play so that you can ensure a consistent bedding experience for your horses. 

When vetting potential suppliers, don’t simply look at the price of bedding for horses. You already invest a lot into your horses; now is not the time to skimp on their bedding. Make a list of your priorities and determine which vendor offers the best solutions according to your needs.

Want help finding the best bedding for horses?

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