What are the advantages of bagged shavings for horses?

When shopping for equine bedding, especially wood shavings, sawdust and pellets, you may be tempted to buy in bulk. However, there are a couple of caveats to keep in mind. As the term implies, buying bulk wood shavings means that they may not undergo rigorous quality control testing. Undetected debris and high dust levels, for example, may end up with your wood shavings. Both debris and dust can compromise your horses’ health. 

We have noticed that some secondary-processed wood shavings, which come from processed wood products, find their way into horse bedding. This is far from ideal and can be harmful to your animal as secondary-processed wood shavings may include chemicals, varnishes or adhesives. No matter what type of wood-based equine bedding you buy, make sure it comes from primary-processed wood shaves, which are made from raw wood.

Bagged wood shavings for horse bedding offer many advantages. For one, bagged shavings are typically of very high quality. Royal Wood Shavings offers triple-screened wood shavings to eliminate any dust and debris. 

Furthermore, bagged shavings are easier to transport, load and unload, and take up little storage room. If the wood has been kiln-dried, the bagged shavings can also weigh much less than shavings that are not dry.

If you are looking for the best horse bedding, consider bagged shavings!

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