What are the best pine shavings for horses?

As far as equine bedding is concerned, pine shavings for horses are a popular choice. They are the most common type of horse shavings for several reasons, thanks to their high absorbency and resistance to dust, spores and mold. Fine pine shavings for horses come in a variety of sizes, from small, fine pine shavings to large fluffy shavings. 

Owners and caretakers love pine shavings for horses because they are soft and provide a barrier between the ground and the animals, which contributes to their comfort and regulating their body temperatures. In addition, with high-quality pine shavings for horses, most horses won’t have skin reactions that can cause irritation.

Pine is a softwood which is completely safe for the fragile respiratory tract of horses, which is contrary to hardwoods, like walnut and oak, which can contain toxins. In fact, these hardwoods can be extremely toxic to horses, especially if eaten. Oak contains tannic acid, which can cause digestive problems in horses. Walnut, particularly black walnut, can contaminate horse bedding, which can lead to laminitis and respiratory problems. Are pine shavings safe for horses? In a nutshell, yes, they are!

Wholesale pine shavings near me

Have you been searching the Internet for “wholesale pine shavings near me?” Of course, eco-friendly and cost-conscious people are always on the lookout for local products to cater to their equine bedding needs. 

However, keep in mind that if you want pine shavings for horses, your number-one criterion should be quality, sourcing standards, and product accessibility—regardless of where the vendor is located. Just because a supplier lives near your ranch, for example, does not mean it can offer the level of wood shavings comfort and performance your horses require. 

Our recommendation: start vetting potential equine bedding partners that provide top-quality pine shavings for horses. Find out where they source their wood, the shavings’ features, and how they can consistently guarantee supply.

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