What is the best bedding for horse stalls?

When we speak with horse owners and caretakers, they often ask us: “What is the best bedding for horse stalls?” While they are experts in taking care of horses, there is a lot of misguided information in the market as to which bedding is best. 

Our top recommendations for the best horse bedding for your animals are: top-quality, triple-action wood shavings (fine or medium), triple-action sawdust, and bedding pellets without any chemical additives or glue. These premium equine bedding products are widely available and more absorbent than other types of horse bedding, like straw. Wood shavings and sawdust are also easy to clean and, when bagged, simply easier to use for your staff. 

Not all wood-based products are safe for your horses. Be sure to choose horse stall bedding products that are made with softwood, such as pine. Pine is a safe bet and the most popular choice for horses. Hardwood products, particularly those made out of black walnut and cedar, should be avoided at all costs. These wood species are extremely harmful to horses. Cedar can trigger allergic reactions. Black walnut can cause laminitis.  

Note that high-quality rubber flooring systems, also known as stall mats, can provide durable shock absorption and traction to facilitate your horses’ movements.

How should I choose the best horse bedding?

When trying to find the best horse bedding, consider the horses you current care for and their unique needs. Talk to vendors to learn about their product quality, consistency and availability. You will want to offer a continuous equine bedding experience for your horses to promote their well-being.

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