What is the difference between screened and unscreened wood shavings? What are dust-free wood shavings?

Screening the shavings makes it possible to standardize the chip size and to minimize the amount of dust they contain. This process ensures a constant grade of product from one order to the next, free from pieces of wood that are harmful to your animals. It is also hypoallergenic.
At Royal Wood Shavings, we have taken the dust reduction process further by developing a triple screening process to which all of our bedding products are subjected. The first step eliminates large pieces of debris and wood. The second step reduces the amount of sawdust and dust contained in the shavings, and the third extracts the remaining fine particles. This unique process results in dust-free wood shavings, which further limits the dust in the air and on your animals. A rigorous screening process is imperative as exposure to these dust particles can be allergenic, noxious and harmful to horses’ unpredictable upper respiratory tracts.

In addition to being dustier and more allergenic, unscreened wood shavings contain more variable chip sizes and, potentially, wood splints that can seriously injure your animals. Avoid this kind of product.

Consult the “How to Choose” page for things to consider when choosing the right kind of shavings.