What type of horse stall shavings should I buy?

Wood shavings for equine bedding are very popular. If you are shopping for horse stall shavings, wood is definitely a great option! It is highly absorbent, and caretakers appreciate that it is easy to clean. What’s more, if you select softwood shavings, your horses are less likely to consider them as food. 

Bagged horse stall shavings are easy to transport, easing pressure and reducing work-related injuries on your staff too. Horse stall shavings come in two sizes: fine and medium. Royal Wood Shavings also offers patented and all-natural triple-action fine wood shavings and triple-action medium wood shavings, depending on your needs. Our triple-action fine wood shavings offer superior absorbency, while our triple-action medium wood shavings maximize comfort. Both products are screened three times to ensure unmatched consistency and little dust. In addition, our wood shavings neutralize odours and repel flies.

Are all horse stall shavings the same?

No, not all horse stall shavings are the same. Vendors will offer wood shavings of varying quality and from different wood species. Always use softwood shavings for your horses that come from pine, which is very safe. Don’t use shavings made from hardwood, as they can be very toxic for your horses. 

Consistency in quality and size is equally critical when exploring horse stall shavings. The reason? Consistency means that the bedding will be free of irregular pieces and debris, which means your horses will remain comfortable.

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