Where can I buy wood shavings for sale?

Looking for wood shavings for sale? Royal Wood Shavings offers a great selection of premium products for your horse bedding. Our wood shavings for sale come in two sizes: fine and medium. You can either opt for standard horse wood shavings or our triple-screened wood shavings that give you extra peace of mind in terms of quality and performance.

When researching suppliers that have wood shavings for sale, be sure to inquire about the absorbency levels, size consistency, resistance to mold and flies, how well they eliminate odours, and dust levels.

In addition, ask what type of wood species is used for the wood shavings. Hardwood wood shavings for sale should never be used as they can be harmful to your horses. Instead, look for wood shavings made out of softwood, like pine. Softwood shavings are the safest for equine bedding. 

Finally, resist the urge to buy wood shavings for sale from online classified or social media marketplaces. You won’t be 100% sure what is in the product. Always count on professional wood shavings vendors.

Need a steady supply of wood shavings for sale? Contact Royal Wood Shavings.

All of our wood shavings for sale are guaranteed for their quality, consistency, performance and availability.

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