Where can I find wood shavings near me?

When raising or taking care of horses, you may often look for new sourcing capabilities for your wood shavings for your horses. We often hear customers asking: “Where can I find wood shavings near me?” or “Where can I find local producers of top-quality wood shavings for horse bedding?” 

There are many options on the market for wood horse shavings. They vary in terms of quality and performance levels as well as where their wood is sourced. Many of our customers who are searching for “horse shavings near me” on search engines may be confronted with results that confuse rather than guide. 

Go beyond “horse shavings near me” search engine queries

Sustainability and cost considerations for many horse owners will incite them to turn to sawmills or other local producers to mitigate expenditures and reduce transport. However, other aspects of equine bedding are equally important. Think absorbency, dust levels, resistance to spores and mold, maneuverability, palatability and a host of other factors. 

Local is important, but so is expertise. Our recommendation is to select potential vendors of wood horse shavings that are actually specialized in the field. Contrary to a sawmill, for example, or cheap alternatives that don’t offer extensive support, these equine bedding partners offer a range of products based on your unique needs. Many even provide free samples for you to assess based on how you raise or care for your horses.

Local is important. Expertise is critical.

Where can you find local wood shavings providers? Discover our proven track record in horse shavings.

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