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Choosing the right horse bedding is extremely important in ensuring a clean, comfortable, dry and healthy stable environment.

However, no two horses are alike, and using one horse bedding over another comes down to personal preferences. Nevertheless, Royal Wood Shavings put together a list of horse bedding properties you want—and those you don’t—to guide you in selecting the best horse bedding products for your needs.


Horse bedding properties you should consider

  • Absorption


    Overall, horse bedding absorbency is important to ensure that horses remain dry. Unabsorbed ammonia from urine can accumulate in a stall and irritate horses’ eyes and respiratory tracts. Fine shavings and sawdust will produce a higher absorbency than medium or large wood shavings. The trade-off, however, is that they may have more dust. Also, kiln-dried wood shavings tend to be more absorbent and feature a lower moisture content.

  • Pure wood shavings


    When looking for optimal horse bedding suppliers, it is important to evaluate how consistent the product quality and size are. If you prefer medium wood shavings, for example, you do not want to have some bags that mix different sizes of shavings, which will minimize the advantages of medium shavings (minimal dust, beautiful look).

  • Great cushioning


    Premium-quality wood shavings made of soft wood offer exceptional cushioning for horses. Typically, medium and large wood shavings will provide superior support for horses’ hooves and cushioning for their joints.

  • Dust free

    Ease of use

    Horse bedding should be easy to use. Wood shavings are very easy to clean, store and transport. Finer wood shavings make it easier to sift manure from clean bedding than larger wood shavings. Horse pellets require additional training to learn how to properly muck out.

  • Consistent wood shavings size


    Some horse owners prefer larger, fluffy wood shavings for their beauty, softness and airy-like appearance. However, above and beyond appearances, make sure that your horse bedding is consistent and high quality, meaning that it is made of first-transformation wood (no glue or varnish residues) and free from wood sticks or other debris.

  • On-time deliveries


    Discerning horse owners understandably want quality and consistency from one bag to the next. However, product availability is even more important. The last thing you want is to choose horse bedding that is not readily available all year long in your area or is too costly to deliver.

  • Royal Wood Shavings bag pictogram

    Good packaging

    Horse bedding must come in quality, heat-sealed packaging that is made of durable, waterproof plastic and is properly compressed. If not, the packaging might be ripped, jeopardizing the quality of your horse bedding. Make sure that your horse bedding supplier offers practical sizes for easy storage.

Horse bedding issues you need to monitor

  • Excess moisture

    Excess moisture

    Horse bedding with excess moisture can lead to the growth of mould spores, bacteria and other environmental pathogens that are harmful for horses.

  • Excess dust

    Excess dust

    Too much dust in horse bedding can irritate horses’ respiratory tracts and can be very detrimental to horses and workers with respiratory issues or allergies.

  • Irregular wood shavings

    Irregular pieces and debris

    Horse bedding should be screened for irregular pieces and debris, which can reduce comfort for horses as well as impact the product’s absorbency and visual appeal.

  • Poor packaging

    Poor packaging

    Horse bedding should be sold in durable, water-resistant, heat-sealed plastic bags to maintain product quality during transportation and storage. Furthermore, poor compression and flimsy bags can mean that you pay more for horse bedding than what you actually get.

And one final caveat. When choosing the right horse bedding for your needs, it is also important to keep in mind the level of customer service your supplier offers. A lack of follow-ups on orders or being treated like a number is no way to have peace of mind and the confidence you’ll get the right horse bedding product on time.

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