What affects the availability of wood shavings on the market?

Since no trees are cut to produce our shavings, which are derived from lumber by-products (primary-processed raw wood), their availability is directly related to the lumber on the market. That is, the higher the market demand for lumber, the more production there is, and the more shavings are produced.
The best way to mitigate this phenomenon’s impact, is to do business with a bedding supplier who has several primary-produced raw soft wood supply sources. In addition, it is in your best interest to choose a supplier whose main business activity is animal bedding production, because they will produce shavings and pellets in a much more stable fashion.
Over the years, we have established strong partnerships with several mills to ensure the most stable raw material supply possible, all year-round. We have signed agreements with several mills to allow us to diversify our sources of supply so that we are not vulnerable, in the event that one of them experiences any problems. These measures guarantee a year-round bedding supply at the most stable prices possible.