What are the best kinds of bedding for horses?

Are you concerned about the long-term health of your horses? Looking for the top wood shaving bedding for horses? 

When it comes to selecting the safest wood shaving bedding for your prized horses, there is no clear-cut answer, although some criteria remain critical. The best wood shaving bedding should have a high degree of absorbency. It should also be spore-, dust-, and mold-free. 

Each kind of wood shaving bedding for horses has advantages and disadvantages. It is, therefore, a very personal choice. However, the majority of people choose medium-sized wood shaving bedding, because it provides a good balance of absorption, comfort and dust level (almost zero), all while ensuring excellent value for money.

To sum up, the finer the wood shaving bedding (sawdust and fine shavings), the greater its absorption capacity, making it very easy to clean up and more economical. However, these types of wood shaving bedding do contain slightly more dust.

Conversely, the larger the wood shaving beddings (medium shavings and large shavings), the less dust they contain, the better they look, and the more comfortable they are. On the other hand, their absorption capacity is lower, and they are more difficult to clean up.

When searching for a ideal vendor for wood shaving bedding, you will also want to identify availability, costs, muckability and how tempting the products are for horses to eat it! 

Contact various wood shaving bedding suppliers to see if they offer samples. You can order your free small sample from Royal Wood Shavings to see and touch the different kinds of shavings.

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