How are wood shavings manufactured?
  1. First of all, we carefully select mills that are able to supply primary-processed soft wood, free from any contaminant, chemical or artificial components, such as glue or varnish, which can sometimes be found in lower-priced shavings made from secondary-processed wood.
  2. Once the wood is rigorously selected, it is brought to the plant by truck, unloaded and sorted according to its size and quality.
  3. The wood shavings are then graded as sawdust, fine or medium, then mixed.
  4. Next, the shavings are triple-screened to reduce dust to a minimum and to eliminate residues, in order to make them cleaner and as hypoallergenic as possible.
  5. The screened shavings then go to the packer for bagging. These bags will be filled very accurately for optimal compaction to ensure increased durability and an optimum appearance. The bags are then heat-sealed and loaded into trailers, either directly on the floor or placed on pallets, and then covered with plastic film.

Since our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible product, we perform continuous quality control at each stage of production and before it leaves the plants. Once the products are shipped to the customer, our customer service representative will keep you informed of your order’s progress to ensure on-time delivery.