Why do bedding prices vary?

First of all, because of the quality of the product itself, such as shavings that have been screened vs. those that have not been screened.

Then there are external factors, to name a few:

  • A significant change in the exchange rate
  • Long delivery distances. The price will be higher if the order must be sent to a distance greater than 650 miles (1053 kilometers), which is considered remote and for which more expensive rates apply
  • The availability of raw materials
  • The market price

Obviously, a higher quality product may be slightly more expensive than a low-quality, secondary-processed product that poses health risks to your animals, such as hard wood, remanufactured wood, shavings that are unscreened and not kiln-dried, or those sold in bulk, etc. However, the benefits of quality bedding, like optimal absorption, reduced dust content, easy clean-up, economical to use, etc. will make it just as cost-effective as kthe low-end or economy bedding, while guaranteeing your animals’ safety. Check it out for yourself by ordering free samples of our horse bedding products now.